The Real Skinny on Getting Skinny

I beat my head against the wall for years as I struggled to find myself in this world glamorized by society’s standards of skinny. For years I was frustrated because society had defined skinny as a very specific type–and it wasn’t me.  It left me continually fighting to fit the mold of what I thought to be the acceptable body image. Let me just say it was a fixed fight that wasn’t stacked in my favor. Over and over again I found myself in a vicious cycle of dieting that left me in the defeat of repeat. #sighs

When I was on the downswing—the time when I was extremely committed to following some plan, product, or pill—I would fight hard—only to temporarily land at about a 34:29:38. But, after I’d abandon that magical plan, product, or pill and go back to normal life, I’d be right back closer to that 34:32:44.  Only, over time, that 34:32:44 crept up to 34:34:48. I was fat (in my head). I was frustrated. And I was confused.

As I look back, I think it’s really screwed up how society treats some of us—glorifying these images that leave many of us feeling less than, ashamed, and hiding in the shadow of others—believing that we don’t/can’t/won’t ever fit the mold of what society deems beautiful. Don’t get me wrong…I never thought I was ugly, but I just didn’t feel I was at my best. And, at the time, I was confused in figuring out what my best was.  The measuring stick society gave was funked up! I wish I could seek restitution.

Perhaps you don’t relate, but I certainly know many women who do. Those feelings leave some of us obsessed with losing weight—in the wrong way, for the wrong reason, chasing the wrong images. It. Is. Not. Fun.  In fact, it’s hard…really, really hard. We spend our time chasing a magic pill, product, or program that promises to change our life once and for all. And (yet again,) it never happens. Yep, that’s why the diet industry is a billion dollar industry.

Their goal is to entice us with the catchy headlines, the catchy images, and the catchy claims of instant weight lost.  Based on negative feelings about our body image, the diet industry won many over.  Goal accomplished; we are extremely enticed!  Now, I can lose 30lbs. like Kim K., my cellulite will miraculously disappear, my butt will become a picture of envy and my six-pack abs will look phenomenal in that two-piece bikini that I always wanted to wear.

[insert cough here] Please allow me to extend my hand and pull us back into reality.

The problem is… well, there are a few problems.  Let’s break them down…

  1. Defining Our Skinny vs. The Catchy Images.

We are bamboozled to believe that there is a such thing as the perfect body—and we chase it. That’s why products are created every day. That’s why cosmetic surgeons are wealthy. That’s why women are risking their lives to get cheap butt injections.

The truth of the matter is that we are all different.  We have different body types. We are genetically pre-disposed to a certain build.  With that being said, we are all Exquisitely UNIQUE!   And instead of allowing society to define our skinny, we have to look in the mirror and embrace the skin we are in. That doesn’t mean accepting being overweight and unfit, but it means educating ourselves to understand our body type and understand what our personal skinny looks like.

When I finally defined my personal skinny, everything changed. It’s like the heavens opened up. The pressure to live up to society’s standards were gone. I was able to finally “get it.”  I was finally able to “get me.”  I learned about my body type.  I was able to understand my body, how it responds to different macronutrients, and no longer live as a slave to food, the scale, diet quick-fixes OR SOCIETY’S STANDARDS!!

  1. The Truth vs. The Catchy Claims

There are so many products that make bold weight-loss claims. And perhaps, there is some truth to the claims. However, the problem is the misconception on the sustainability of those “said” results. Many of the products and programs that offer these amazing results don’t lead to long-term sustainable results. And, they don’t give you the blueprint to understand a.) why this program made me lose weight so quickly b.) what do I do next to keep the weight off.

The companies who are promoting these quick-fixes do not care about the aftermath of individuals getting looped into a vicious cycle of dieting. Unfortunately, they only care about the Green—the Money—the Almighty Dollar! But me, I remember the frustration, the embarrassment and becoming depressed because of the rollercoaster effect with my weight struggle.  I remember the highs I felt when I lost the weight. Nonetheless, I can still feel the sadness of the lows I experienced as I watched the weight creep back up.

The truth is that quick-fixes are like a shot of expresso.  They amp you up only to bring you down.  There is no bridge to take you to “the other side.”  And, that’s the key.   Click Here for the steps to long-term sustainable change!

  1. The Truth About Life

To really define your skinny, you must have a clear understanding of how to make it a lifestyle.  You see, if you shadowed the healthiest “skinny” people, they aren’t taking a product. It’s not about a pill. It’s not about working out twice a day—6 days a week. It’s about understanding how to make being healthy and defining your skinny a lifestyle. Learn how to make it a lifestyle!

They don’t obsess about every calorie, or every workout, or every new product or pill. Instead, they obsess about the long-term lifestyle. They learn about the mindset and the habits of being healthy and skinny. They learn about their bodies and what makes them tick.

You see, the real skinny on being skinny is not tied to the quick-fix. It is not tied to society’s fake standards on being skinny. It’s not tied to a magic potion. It’s tied to you—you taking ownership of your health. Defining your skinny and educating yourself is key—taking true control of your life. That’s what I’ve learned and I’ve stuck with it.  Trust me, it’s not always easy, but it’s doable!  I define me—on my terms. I took control of my life and I got my happy back. I Defined My Skinny™. And it is time for you to do the same!

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