VLOG post: The Perfect Diet

Alas, I get to answer the question…. what is the perfect diet?  Today I have an answer for you!  Watch it here!  If you prefer to READ the blog post, you can read it here.

At last, The Perfect Diet

What is the perfect diet? I speak with and meet so many women who are struggling to answer that question. I know you see it… women everywhere are struggling to figure out what they should be eating. They follow what this celebrity said or what that Instagram person said—all in search of “the perfect diet.” They jump from program to program trying to find a solution. Is it Paleo? Is it Vegan? Is it low carb? Whole 30? Vegetarian? Holistic? What the heck should I be eating? Do you need BCAAs and supplements and all the different stuff that we see advertised? Businesses and experts place images, ideas and infomercials in front of us, enticing us to believe that they have the answer to the question—what is the perfect diet?
It’s the big puzzle, and everyone wants to know how to solve it and end the elusive chase. They want to stop the continual stream of money that they are paying out in their quest to complete the puzzle—all in the hopes of getting healthy and fit. I get it. I did it for MANY years. I TOTALLY understand.  And so today, I’m going to answer your question…what is the perfect diet? Drum roll….(can you hear it?) Paleo? Is it Vegan? Low carb? Whole 30? Vegetarian? Intermittent fasting? Gluten-free? Holistic? And the winner….of the perfect diet is….none of these. Why? Because I am the first person who has at last discovered the secrets of the perfect diet, and I will be hosting a live auction event that you can register for by clicking here! Just kidding! There is no such thing as the perfect diet. There is no such thing as the perfect diet. Paleo. Vegan. Low carb. Whole 30. Vegetarian. Intermittent fasting. Gluten-free. You have all of these diets (and many more), but ultimately they all just are different philosophies or styles of eating. They all deal with the same macronutrients (carbs, fats and proteins) and all the micronutrients (vitamins and minerals)—just manipulating them in a different way. But, they ultimately use the same foundations of nutrition (macro & micro-nutrients).
There is no one diet that’s necessarily better than the other. Well, that is partially true. There are some that are better, because they are better for certain people. We have different body types, different training types, and lifestyles. And these factors impact how your body will respond to different eating styles (diets). As an example, a swimmer or runner (endurance person) or someone with an ectomorph body type could eat a higher carb diet and it could be really good for them. While someone like me, a mesomorph with endomorph tendencies, has to be cognizant of their carb intake and balance it appropriately with higher protein and moderate fat. (SIDENOTE: I’ll talk about body types more on another day. In my opinion, that’s important to know. Knowledge is power. You really need to know your body to figure out what is best for you and stop flip flopping all over the place wasting your time and your money. If you have free money to give away, you can send it right on over here to me, apply for my one-on-one program, and allow me to help you stop spinning your wheels.) I witness so many women flip-flopping from program to program to program. Ultimately, what often happens is that they are really just throwing their body off. It never really has the chance to adjust and figure out what’s working and not working, and they can end up potentially wrecking their metabolism.
That happened to me. I was teaching three to four classes a day on average, and I was struggling to eat enough to really offset that.  I ended up gaining weight when I should have been losing, and my body was tired and confused. I had to re-balance and start from scratch—giving my body a chance to normalize. Then I began introducing different elements to really figure out what my body responded well to. Knowledge is power, and we have not because we know not.  Many people are not willing to be accountable.  They want to pay someone else to be responsible for them. You know, “Let me see what Jillian Michaels has for me.” Or, “Let me see what that person has.” At the end of the day those people invested in themselves to attain their knowledge & skills and took the time to implement them to get the body they now have. That’s why they look like the way they do and can stand before you and command premium prices.  They took the time to get educated and understand their body. Yet, you want to cheat your way to their body.  Not gonna happen. What they have may not work for you.  Or maybe you’re not giving it a chance to work. Or maybe you have other issues and need to go beyond the scale and figure out what it is that is really holding you back.
Again, there is no perfect diet. When you look at Paleo, for instance. Paleo goes back to the caveman days—taking out the grains and the legumes and pastas, etc. For me that works really well, I do well on a Paleo diet. I’ve also done low carb. I do well there, but it’s hard for me to sustain long term as my body loses energy because of my activity level. I’ve tried vegan and what happened? I blacked out and busted my eye. The combination of the drastic change in protein and resulting low iron levels caused me to literally black out. Does that mean I can never eat vegan? No, but now I’m aware of how my body responds and I would have to adjust and make sure that I up my protein, maybe more powder, or have iron supplements. All of that comes from taking the time to get to know my body and stop trying to rush everything.
I say that all to say, stop chasing your tails. Live in the moment—enjoy it.  Learn to make dieting and getting healthy exciting. Whatever you think is what your reality is. If eating healthy stresses you out then you’re going to fail because the mindset is already connected to stress and stress makes you fail. Mindset, mindset, mindset.  And that’s why I say that sometimes we are the problem. Not the diet. Not the exercise. But us. Well, not just sometimes—a lot of times. A lot of times we are the problem.
I’m speaking from experience. I went through it for many years, and I had to dig deep and deal with my own self. I had to slow down and not be a control freak. I had to unleash control to allow someone else to show me how to get through the process and really understand. Again, knowledge is power and you need to educate yourself and stop believing what he said, what she said, what they did, or what worked for her. Because that may not be your situation. No diet is perfect. There are different philosophies only—varying the same little elements of nutrition in different ways. If you cannot take the time to figure it out for yourself, get someone like me who will help you. Seriously, get some support.  Get in communities.  Get active. Stop sitting in the background thinking that the problem is going to one day magically disappear.
If you keep doing the same things expecting different results, five years from now you’ll be in the same place getting the same results. That’s just the reality. You can either take the long hard path, or you can take the straight and narrow and just get to that destination a lot sooner and a lot faster by being smart.
Take the time and figure it out for you and stop trying to find quick results because, I’m going to tell you, I’ve invested thousands and thousands of dollars for many years. I’ve done everything–cabbage soup, hydroxycut, Phen-Phen, B12 shots. I’ve done hypnosis!  I probably paid a thousand dollars to use hypnosis to try to lose weight. I could add up so much money I spent just trying to figure out how to lose weight fast. And finally once I’d broke through that and just submitted to the process—everything changed. The choice is yours….stop chasing and beat the cycle—once and for all!

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What Everyone Ought to Know About Counting Calories

Counting Calories!?!?!?!?

Should I eat 1200 or 1400? Perhaps 1800. NO, maybe 1000? Geesh!!! Perhaps I will just skip breakfast. Or, maybe try every other day fasting.

No, wait…how about a 2 week juice detox? That’s it! I’ll just starve myself for 2 weeks.

Or not…Oh my…I don’t have a clue!!!!

Is this you? Does this sound familiar?

Are you jumping all around trying to figure out what to eat, how much to eat or when to eat?There seems to be so many variables involved in being healthy that it can become overwhelming.

One of the most basic, common struggles is figuring out how much food is enough. And, I get it! Counting calories is confusing!

Consequently, many people follow the “If all else fails, I’ll just cut my calories” strategy.

But, under-eating can be just as detrimental to your weight loss goals as overeating. For instance, many cut their calories too low. The initial result is often favorable–quick weight loss. Then, suddenly, the weight loss stops and the scale refuses to move any further.

tweet-graphic-trans Tweet: “Under-eating can be just as detrimental to your weight loss goals as overeating.” http://bit.ly/1WtIm5v

So, what do they do? They exercise more and/or begin to eat less, giving their bodies less and less of what it really needs and ultimately pushing them further away from their goals.

Bottom line: under-eating and overeating both adversely impact your weight loss goals.

The food we eat acts as the fuel to keep our motor running. If we don’t properly fuel the body, our body won’t have the fuel it needs to perform.

counting caloriescounting caloriesThink of 2 vehicles—one a small 2-seater and the second being a large SUV. They have two different engines, perform differently, and therefore require different amounts of fuel. If you expect to fill up the tank on the large SUV with the same amount of gas as you put in the 2-seater, you will be in trouble! The SUV will run out of gas and won’t be able to perform its job. It will stall.

The same with weight loss. Everyone’s body is different and requires a different amount of fuel based on make and model (size and performance). If you don’t properly fuel your body, your weight loss efforts will stall.

Here is a quick tip on counting calories to ensure that your body is getting the calories it needs:

For weight loss, consume 10-12 calories per pound of body weight. For weight maintenance, consume 12-14 calories per pound of body weight. For weight gain, consume 14-16 calories per pound of body weight.

To be even more precise, use this online tool for counting calorie needs: http://www.acaloriecalculator.com/.

Remember, your goal should be long-term sustainable weight loss. End the vicious cycle of miserable, depressing, frustrating dieting. Practice healthy habits that will help get you to long-term goals that won’t quickly elude you!




golden rules for nutrition

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Is fear holding you back? Get that doubt out of your eye!

Is fear holding you back?  Is there doubt in your eye? I often meet and speak with people who allow the thought of eating healthy and getting fit to overwhelm them.  It brings up feelings of anxiety, stress, and fear of failure. They express how they get nervous at the thought of giving up something—namely, losing the foods that they love. They tell me about how they start new diets but never see them through. They tell me all the reasons that they want to change—their health, self-esteem, confidence, relationships—so many reasons!!  They want to change but they don’t really believe deep down that they can do it.  Hearing their feelings—their fear and anxiety—make it even more important that they free themselves from the bondage that they have allowed themselves to get caught in.  Fear is holding them back. It is causing them to exist in a place that will keep them right where they are—a vicious cycle of defeat.  Sadly, they have already lost the battle before they begin.

We often look at things from the wrong perspective. Instead of focusing on what we are gaining, we focus on what we are losing.  Instead of focusing on the things that we do well, we focus on the things that we are “bad” at.   Instead of exploiting our strengths, we focus on improving our weaknesses.  We focus on what could possibly go wrong instead of meditating on all the good things that will go well.  In order to become successful, we must shift our mindset.

Our focus should be on living life abundantly. In doing so, we must find the joy, happiness and excitement in all things.  We have to look at all the possibilities and expect great things. Eating healthy is not a curse. It is not punishment. You don’t lose all the things that you love. Instead, you gain a new love.  Love of your body, your health, new foods, and new possibilities.  You learn new ways to deal with your emotions, new ways to celebrate, and new ways to console yourself.  Food is no longer your crutch.  You learn to live differently. And, if you allow it, it can be fun.  But, you have to change your mindset.

I enjoy learning to create new foods.  I enjoy learning to make homemade things like cashew butter.  It is great to see my body change. It’s amazing to learn how my body responds to different foods. I enjoy learning why and how.  It is fun to be in control of my health (as much so as God allows).  It makes me powerful.  It makes me smart.  It makes me bold.  It makes me confident.  No, I am not losing.  I am gaining.   I am gaining my happiness, my power, my health, my fitness, my beauty, my boldness, my power. I love this life.  I love encouraging and inspiring others.  I love seeing the joy in my husband’s eyes when he talks about my physical changes.  I love that my kids see me as the resource, the example.  It is a beautiful thing.  I haven’t lost anything.  I’ve gained. And guess what…I still eat tacos, hamburgers, sweet treats and more.   I just know how to prepare the right way…and my family knows no difference.

Is fear holding you back? Stop cheating yourself.  Free yourself from the self-imposed bondage that you are in.  Dare to step out and regain your happiness.  Get excited about the possibilities.  What’s the worst that can happen?



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Be bold. Be confident. Be unapologetic.

I was just having a conversation with someone, and they made a comment about a person that didn’t like me. I found it amusing and wasn’t in the least bit bothered. You see, many years ago, a wise person once told me that if everyone likes you, then you probably aren’t being your true, authentic self at all times. A few years back, I remember reading Joyce Meyer’s book, Approval Addiction (amazing read), and it helped me gain further clarity and wisdom on that subject. I also understand that “like spirits attract”. And, thus, a person whose spirit is in contrast to mine, may not like me. And, I’m ok with that. I can co-exist with that person without issue.

tweet-graphic-transTweet: A wise person once told me that if everyone likes you, then you probably aren’t being your true, authentic self at all times.

But, I know who I am. I consider myself a pretty self-aware person. I am smart, a bit bossy, somewhat controlling , relatable, friendly, outspoken, an extrovert with introvert tendencies (ambivert) and have trigger points that can cause my not-so-nice Gemini twin to come out (working on that). I can be guarded and reserved until I assess a situation. I am highly perceptive, which works against me sometimes. If I sense that something is off with a person or our relationship, then I set boundaries accordingly. I am a work in progress.

Do you know who you are? Are you confident and bold enough to own your strengths, your challenges, your mistakes and your successes? Do you let others determine your value and worth? Do you apologize for being you?

Don’t allow other people to shape you into the person they would have you become. Be you. Own it. Embrace it. Keep striving for greater. Be bold. Be confident. Be unapologetic.

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Are you good enough? 7 Best Strategies to Achieve Your Goals

Are you good enough?

Do you ever ask yourself that question? Do you look at others and all that they  have achieved and question your ability to do the same?  I have.  And, if I must admit, I still do from time to time.

I mean…look around us!  There are so many people achieving so many great things.  It’s so easy to get caught in the trap.  Watching them and their success can be discouraging…and daunting…and downright damaging.

Damaging to our egos.  Damaging to our confidence.  Damaging to our belief that we can and are equipped to achieve the same things in our lives.

So, we continue to play “small.” We go with the flow. We stay in our comfort zone.

Because that’s easier.  Easier than being disappointed.  Easier than letting down our loved ones.  Easier than working hard with no guarantees.

Because..after all, maybe we aren’t good enough.  Maybe “that” life wasn’t meant for us.  Maybe we are better off staying on the sidelines watching others achieve their goals in life, right?

Ha!  NOT!

I talk to so many women who second-guess their abilities.  They believe that there are ceilings and limitations in their life.  They don’t accept that great things are in store for them.

So, they constantly question their desires for growth.  They challenge the assertions that they can be great.  They doubt those who push them to strive for more.  All recipes for stagnation.  

Where there is stagnation, there is death.  Death to hope. Death to dreams. Death to the drive to want and achieve more.

Foremost, understanding and knowing that we are capable is key in achieving any of our goals.  So often we watch others excel in an area and allow their success to discourage our possibilities.

Repeat: So often we watch others excel in an area and allow their success to discourage our possibilities. We are looking so far up the road that we can’t focus on taking the small steps to get us to our goals.


Tweet: “So often we watch others excel in an area and allow their success to discourage our possibilities.” http://bit.ly/22wO2eG

I, too, deal with those struggles.  I constantly have to take a step back and focus on me.  I remind myself that we are all uniquely gifted and have the same opportunities to excel if we operate according to our passion and purpose.  Below are the 7 best strategies to achieve your goals that I use personally and professionally with clients to help them stay in their own lanes and keep their eyes connected to the prize.

Are you good enough?

  • Clarify your goals

You must get clear on what you want to achieve.  No generalities.  What specifically do you want to achieve?  

BAD GOAL = I want a new career.  

No. You need to get specific.  Good goals clarify the action, the timeframe, are realistic and can be measured.  

BETTER GOAL:  In the next 12 months I will begin a new career as a personal trainer at a local-gym working part time. 

That goal has lots of “meat” and can be broken down into smaller, actionable goals.

Are you good enough?

  • Understand your why

You must get clear on understanding why you want to achieve your goals.  There is so much power in your  “why.”  It’s the force that will keep you going on days when you want to give up.  

My personal why is very connected to my children. I want them to see how possible it is to achieve their dreams by my example. So, on days when I want to quit and go back to the comfort of my 9-5, I don’t.  My why empowers me to press forward.

Are you good enough?

Nombre 2.21

  • See the big picture

If you achieve your goal, what would your life look like?  How would it feel? Who would it impact? Imagine it.  What it would be like to really achieve that goal. Experience the “big” picture.

Are you good enough?

  • See the small picture

If you fail to achieve your goal, what would your life look like?  How would you feel?  Who would it impact? Imagine it.  What it would be like to move forward never achieving your goal.  Experience that “small” picture.

Are you good enough?

  • Break it all down

Break your larger goal into smaller goals.  From the example I gave earlier  “In the next 12 months I will begin a new career as a personal trainer at a local-gym working part time”, you would break the goal down into smaller parts.

  • In the next 14 days I will find an accountability partner or mentor to help me through completing this goal.
  • In the next 30 days I will research and register for a Personal Training Certification program.
  • In the next 60 days I will begin my certification program.

These are examples of breaking your goal down into smaller, actionable goals that you can monitor and measure through completion.

Are you good enough?

  • Measure your progress

Establish benchmarks where you can regularly check your progress. Set up a system of how you will track your progress and measure it towards meeting the overall goal.  Keep a list of the small things you accomplish that help push you toward your goals.  Set-up a “check-in” schedule where you assess your progress and celebrate your wins.  

Are you good enough?

  • Accept that you are human

Life won’t be perfect. Sometimes you will get off track.  Just pick up and get back to it!  You are human.  You will have super productive weeks.  And you will also have weeks where you only accomplish one or two things.  But, the key is to just keep moving.  Stay connected to your why.  Keep commitment to plan.  Celebrate your progress.  And know that you are capable of achieving great things in your life. 

You are good enough.

God has equipped us with what we need to get where we want (as it aligns with His will and our purpose).  And, He provides provision to allow us to fill the gaps in the areas where we lack.  Have faith. Work hard. Keep your eye on the prize.  And know that you too can achieve greatness in your life!

No more questioning are you good enough! Use these 7 best strategies to achieve your goals.

Ready to really stop playing small and become GREAT?


Are you good enough? 

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are you good enough?

The Step it Up Challenge

The Realest, Rawest Post: Rewrite Your Story

Today on Facebook Live I shared deep from my soul on rewriting our story. Powerful for me to release. Prayerfully powerful for you to receive.  Watch it here!

Why You Need to be on Snapchat: Like NOW!

I know what you are thinking….not more social media???!!!! But, yes, MORE.  Let me tell you what’s special about Snapchat.  With most social media, people can hide behind their words.  They can seemingly become someone other than who they are.  They can post staged pictures, share borrowed words and have fans instead of friends.  It’s easy to be bamboozled.

However, with Snapchat, in order to consistently share, you have to be willing to be transparent. It’s video. It’s real. It’s in the moment.  You have the ability to get to know a person in a more authentic way…their personality, true voice, how they spend their time and how they let their hair down.

If you are going to follow someone, follow a real person.  You can figure out in a short exchange whether or not you like who you see.  From an authentic space.

If you follow someone on social media who inspires you, find out who they really are.  How they really live.  Learn from them. Grow with them.  Mimic. Take notes. Seize opportunities.  And Snapchat really allows that.

And right now I want you to figure out whether or not you like me.  I’m just an ordinary person who seeks to do extraordinary things.  I’m married. I’m an extreme Mama Bear who takes great care of her cubs. I eat healthy but I also splurge. I work really, really hard everyday. I’m also super silly (definitely still a kid at heart.) I love all kinds of music…from Gospel to ratchet rap music. I love to dance. I love my friends. Basically, I love life.

And I’m looking to surround  myself with people who “get me.”  And if I’m not for you, it’s better off for you and me that you figure it out sooner than later so we can be friends (Kumbaya) or move on (sayonara).  Hopefully you’re with me. Because I’m with you!

Anyway…take a peek at a recent day in my life.  And then follow me on SnapChat:  MsAprill2U

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