Now I Do What I Want

So many people have given me such encouragement as I closed out a huge chapter of my life last week and walked away from an amazing job to go forth into the unknown. I am so at peace today.

No, I haven’t retired. Ha! Far from it…but I’ve taken away my comfort zone—my plan B—so I can step out on faith and see what I’m really made of. I am fully vested as a solopreneur who is committed to doing work that “feels good.”

I prayed for this. I prepared for this. And I positioned myself for this. I made tough decisions. I traded in my Merc Benz GL450 and got a Sonata (temporary). I paid off some debt. I curbed my spending…all so that when God opened the door, I could boldly walk through and press forward without sacrificing my family and their needs.

On January 1, 2017, I declared that this year would be #epic. I planned to laugh a lot, spend lots of time with friends, fully pursue my purpose and live life on my terms. So far so good. And I know that the best is yet to come.

As I continue to connect with women from all areas/walks of life to help them get their happy back, I will continue to live authentically, transparently and always true to myself. The best gift that I can give is to share me—authentically. Love it or leave it. So, if you’re with me, . If not, block me now because it’s about to get REAL.

Because…”now I do what I want.”