I Am My Past

This morning I was pulling up an app to find a daily prayer to share with some friends in a group text, and this is what came up. It stirred my spirit so deeply that I decided to write.
You see, for years I fought to get beyond my past. I wanted change. I wanted a renewed spirit. I wanted things to take a new direction. I wanted to get past the things in my past, because those things diminished me; smothered me; and tried to take the life out of me. I wanted a bright future, so I needed to move on.
However, it was years before I realized that my past will never leave me. I am my past. I am a culmination of all the things that have happened in my life. They have shaped and molded me into the person that I am today. There is no escaping that.
And what I’ve also discovered is that my power came when I learned to laugh in spite of my past. When I learned that my past could bring new joy in my future, I began to embrace it differently.
I can laugh harder, because I’ve cried. I can love harder, because I’ve been hurt. I can live louder, because I’ve been quiet. I can grow stronger, because I’ve been weak.
I have an appreciation for my past, because I’ve discovered how to embrace the purpose in it. I’ve learned how to extract power from it.
And so, even in the present when troubles arise, I laugh hard. I smile hard. I love hard. I give often. Not because life is necessarily good at this moment, but because I have faith in what is to come.
More favor. More purpose. More growth. More blessings.
Don’t let anything quiet your laughter. And don’t let anyone erase your past.
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