Success Is An Inside Job

Success is an inside job.

Success is an inside job. Click To Tweet

Hmmmm.  Sounds catchy, but what does that really mean? A person/business/organization is not successful because of the practices/processes/habits that you see them performing consistently in their “outer” life.  Nope.  The real key to their success is rooted on the inside.

Business Example:  Walmart.  The conglomerate is not successful because they are 24 hours, have rollback prices and serve as a one-stop-shop.  Yes, these are winning practices that support their success.  But their true success is rooted on the inside.  On the inside is where the framework and foundation were established—the culture, the mindset, the philosophies—the things that guided the company’s outside practices.  Their true success happened on the inside—in their blueprint for success.

Person Example:  Last Saturday I had an initial meeting with a new client.  She’s been on a rollercoaster with her weight loss for many years.  But in reading through her paperwork, I could definitely tell that she’d learned some really good habits. She knew about what she should eat and how she should train her body. I was impressed. Yet, she was 150 lbs. overweight.  Why?  Because she was focused on finding her success on the outside—nutrition plans, exercises, surgery—whatever could quickly get her to change.

But nothing worked, because her inside was a mess.  She had issues on the inside that needed to get in check so the action she took would be aligned action—where the inside (her foundation) could guide her to the true success she wants.

What are you hell-bent on fixing from the outside that you can’t seem to find success in? Perhaps you need to pause and look inward for your success. We already possess everything that we need to be successful but many of those tools are lying dormant in us because we do not use them.  Because we don’t have time.  Or we fear failure. Or we don’t know where to start.  Or we’re lazy. Whatever your reason is for not being successful, it’s your CHOICE.  You are choosing not to WIN because you refuse to take aligned action and deal with YOU. 

Yeah, I know. It’s much easier to follow a plan.  Or create a list. Or buy a solution. But, how many times will you fail before you submit and choose to focus on YOU?  The real issue.  The “inside” issue. If you’re ready for success in your life, start inward. #unlockyourpotential #Intoyourpower #intoyourpurpose #IYP2

If you’re ready for success in your life, start inward. Click To Tweet

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