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QOTD: How Do I Stop Eating So Much?

See my answer to the question of the day here: 

How do I stop eating so much?

Are These Foods Making You Fat?

In this episode of Healthy, Happy, Whole with Aprill, I share how to determine whether you have a food sensitivity, how food sensitivities hinder weight loss, 4 common problematic foods that you are likely eating and easy to implement strategies for eliminating these foods so you can finally lose the weight you’ve been struggling with. Watch it here!

My Favorite Things: Beauty Edition

Today I am sharing a few of my favorite things…the beauty edition! For a list of the specific things I shared, text “FAVORITETHINGS” to 44222.

Watch it here!

What to do when you are just not feeling it!

I know you can relate to this topic, because we all have those kind of days!  Well, I decided to go live on Facebook on one of those days…even though I had no true desire to share. 🙁   It was a dynamic video and we shared great strategies, inspiration and encouragement on how to make your bad days still really good days.  Check it out by clicking here!

It’s Tulip Time!!

As you know, I consider myself a professional goal-getter. So, I shared my Tulip Time strategy that I use to position myself to have a super-productive week…EVERY week!!  Check it out here.  You can also get a free-copy of my “Do, Doing, Done” templates by texting DODOINGDONE to 44222.

Watch it now!

VLOG post: The Perfect Diet

Alas, I get to answer the question…. what is the perfect diet?  Today I have an answer for you!  Watch it here!  If you prefer to READ the blog post, you can read it here.