4 day detox

4 Day Detox Plan

This 4 Day Detox is the perfect tool to introduce you to a healthy lifestyle: 

  • No more guessing what to eat and when to eat
  • No more frustration when the scale won't move
  • No more trying to fight the extreme sugar cravings
  • No more quitting and starting over and over again

This plan will not only jump-start your weight loss, but it can also.....

  • increase your energy level
  •  release emotional clutter
  • balance your pH levels
  • give you a re-usable tool to take charge of your health.
  • and so much more; keep reading--you will see!!

You will practice a TRUE detox…not some gimmick made up of starvation strategies that don’t lead to long-term SUSTAINABLE weight loss.

"I have tried so-called “detox” products over the years, but nothing really worked. These “snake oil” products only left me hungry, bloated and usually out of a lot of money. But Aprill’s detox approach was a different, yet wonderful experience for me. Although I had to shy away from sweets and a lot of meat, I was still able to eat WHOLE delicious foods. I started the detox plan having really bad acid reflux, but it disappeared after a few hours on the 1st day and never returned. After the 4 day detox was over, I lost about 5 lbs and felt clean. My skin was clear and all my bloating had disappeared. I had so much mental clarity and never really suffered the headaches and crankiness I’ve experienced with restricting certain foods from my diet. The thing I love the most about this plan (and any of Aprill’s eating plans) is that you are never alone. You are not just given a diet template to work on alone. Aprill has so many motivational AND instructional videos to get you through the process. I will definitely do this detox again!!"

-Andrea Collins

Yes, I'm Ready!


The detox was the kick start on my weight loss journey. It stripped my taste buds of sugar cravings by day 3. First couple of days acted as a diuretic with mild headaches..But I felt cleanse process. Going into day 3 I powered up like never before. My skin to this day look clearer. The Detox bath was absolutely necessary!! My overall experience was a success. I am down 5.2 lbs!!!

-Chimeral Brewer

The 4 day detox way everything! I suffer from IBS and when I say I could tell a difference trust and believe the bloat decreased drastically! I lost six pounds and I slept better. This journey is a struggle but I am determine for the scales to move to the left. Thanks for the recipes and the support April! The salad was awesome! I know that will definitely be something I eat on the regular.

-Michelle Scruggs

This was my first time ever doing a detox. I knew Aprill's plan would not be harsh to my body. The meal plan was easy to follow and tasty. I felt full and satisfied each day. I LOVED the flavor of the detox water so much, I'm still drinking it daily! I lost 6 lbs in 4 days. The day after my 4 day detox, we headed out of town for a family wedding. Having control over my food choices were challenging while traveling...I indulged a little, not much, but a little and I expected to see at least a 5 lb gain after 5 days. I was pleased it was only 2 lbs! So for those of you thinking it is all water weight that will come right back, it's not.

-Gabrielle Fisher

I wanted to try the beat the bloat flail the flat 4-day detox to really jump back in tune with healthy eating. Plus, I really needed something to aid in my mental and emotional detox to help with having a spirit of renewing overall. It was hard, and took some extra work with preparing of meals but well worth it. I did lose weight, I'm not sure of the amount because I don't focus on the numerical values of weight loss anymore. But, it did help me mentally with being able to focus better at work and in other areas of life and prepare for getting back to good eating habits. It's amazing what I got out of just a 4-day detox. Oh, the detox bath was amazing!

-Nichol Timms

If you are considering a detox Aprill's Beat the Bloat Flail the Fat 4 Day Detox is the real deal!! With many detox plans the calorie intake is so low it's difficult to stick with it, that is not a problem with this detox! I didn't feel hungry throughout the 4 days and I even had energy to go on walks after working all day! I lost 9.3 pounds my clothes fit so much better, and my cravings are actually gone!!! I was a huge chocoholic before this detox!! The videos that Aprill has put together are very informative and really break the detox down for you!

-Alicia Rapps

I completed the Beat the Bloat Flail the Fat 4 day detox and the experience was fabulous. Not only did I enjoy trying out the new recipes, I was satiated and my energy levels were great. Everything was clearly explained and the easy to follow. When I did have question or concerns, Aprill was right there to guide me. Oh, did I mention I lost almost 10 pounds in those 4 days?!!!!

-Sharony Brown

My detox experience was incredible. I knew I would be challenged with the amount of food intake. However as the days passed not only did I have energy and clarity, but I wasn't hungry at anytime. It was a fabulous and fulfilling experience. I definitely will do it again .😄😄😄😄

-Yolanda Grantlen 

I have lost 5 lbs. since Monday and I still have 1 more day to go! And I have the energy of my 8 year old. I have suffered back pain since I fell on my tailbone in March, and today the pain is minimal! I feel alive again!!!!! I have inspired people at work to drink water, and everyone is interested in what I am doing! Singing songs again for the first in weeks. It feels great! 

-Teri Waganer

* All testimonials are REAL and have not been altered or changed. They were completely written by the individuals noted. These results are not guaranteed and are not an indicator of typical results. Results vary from person to person and depend on many factors*



In this program you receive access to my academy, found at In your "library" you will have access to several printable items: the Detox Plan, Shopping Guide and other resources that support your journey. In addition, in your library you will find short videos that are critical to the program. Some of the video topics include the following: what is a detox, reasons to detox, benefits of detoxing, what to expect, what's next and more.

Why do I say these videos are critical? Many who have completed the program have stated that the videos help clarify, educate, and prepare you for success in the detox program. They are also available as audio downloads that you can listen to in your car, while taking a walk, or whenever convenient. The academy also has a "community". As you go through the program, you read comments from others, leave comments, or ask questions. This helps even further to enhance your experience.  


Absolutely! You eat real, whole unprocessed foods! This detox includes smoothies, fruit, veggies, salad, salad dressings, and meat. So, your body is still getting the nutrients that it needs! The process is not based on starvation but on a true, detox experience to give your body a beatiful reset.


I do encourage you to take a multi-vitamin and Vitamin C. 


Please note: I am unable to evaluate your personal situation. Thus, I am unable to make an assessment to encourage physical exercise. As you will see in the academy, many do still exercise--just adjusting their intensity level. But, as a precaution, due to the reduction in calories, I do encourage little to no exercise during the detox. For your specific situation, please consult a doctor as I am unable to give professional advice in that regard. 

But, don't be afraid of allowing your body the opportunity to rest. Proper rest and recovery can have a powerful impact on your overall health and fitness. 


Many people thrive in group settings. So, I will routinely run challenges with a fixed start and end date so that you can go through the detox at the same time as others. This way you are able to share with others through the process. I will broadcast challenge dates on social media and via email.

However, please note that you can begin independently at any time.


Again, I am limited in the scope of how I can answer this. I am not a doctor, so I am unable to prescribe nutrition plans in a way that can be imparted as medical advice. Thus, let me explain how I use detoxing. I detox occassionally in conjuction with a sound nutrition plan. As an example, I detoxed 4 days recently. Then, I went back to my routine nutrition plan for a week. I decided to detox again because I of personal weight-loss and other goals (dry skin). But, I may not detox again for several months. Over time, I have learned my body and just try to pay attention to what it needs. The most powerful thing you can do is to get to really know your body--what it likes and how it responds to different things. I balance my nutrition to meet long-term sustainable goals. 


Let me put a twist on this and tell you who this program is NOT for. You see how you fit in. This program is NOT for the following:

  • the person who does NOT want long-term sustainable weight-loss
  • the person who enjoys starting/stopping--doing the same things expecting different results
  • the person who wants a quick magic fix; who doesn't want to put in the work
  • the person who thinks that this detox is the end all/be all, because it's NOT! It is just the beginning of a beautiful journey!


In the check-out process, you establish your log-in information in creating your account. Once you purchase, you will have immediate access. Go to your "library" and click on the Define Your Skinny 4 Day Detox Program and you will enter the program. The Welcome video is the first listed. In that video, I explain to you how you will move forward. The Detox Plan, Shopping List and other handouts are available to download in the welcome video lesson. It's easy-peasy and will all make sense when you get in there!


Detoxing is a powerful tool that can be used to not only jumpstart your weight loss, but also repair, renew and restore your body from the inside out! It’s all about elimination and restoration!

 But note…this plan is more than just an eBook! You also get access to 6 SHORT videos that break it all down and help you execute to maximize the benefits. It answers all the questions...

• What is a detox? 

• What are the reasons to detox?

 • What are the benefits of detoxing? 

• What should I expect?

 • What should I do after a detox? 

In this program, you not only receive a tried-and-true detox plan but SO MUCH MORE! 

Again I ask...



“This book is excellent. Easy-to-follow. Everything is perfectly laid out. And, guess what!!?? In those first 10 days I dropped 8 lbs!! I'm so excited!!”

-Michelle Anderson

Aprill Edwards is a Lifestyle Expert who specializes in helping women get their happy back! She is a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist and Life Coach who uses her education, skills and personal expertise to help MANY women go beyond the scale and eliminate all the obstacles standing in their way to living their best life. To learn more about Aprill, visit

 Why put off making the change that you have been so desperately wanting? 

Take charge of your health. Take charge of your life!!!

Yes I'm Ready!
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Medical Disclaimer: This book is supplied for educational and informational purposes only and, as experienced in this subject matter as the contributors are, no claim or opinion in this program is intended to be, nor should be construed to be, medical advice. Always consult with your doctor before making any changes to your diet and nutrition program. Readers are advised to consult their own doctors or other qualified health professionals regarding the treatment of medical conditions. If fitness advice or other professional assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought. The contributors do not accept any responsibility for any liabilities resulting from any decisions made by purchasers and/ or readers of this book.