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This week's guest on The Fearless, Inspired and Free podcast is Aprill Edwards. She's is a Transformational Coach and SHE.E.O. of Because She Matters. The mission is to equip and empower women and girls, primarily of color, by helping them get healthy, happy, healed and whole--from a whole person's perspective.

Aprill considers herself most qualified, not because of all her certifications, education and training, but because she is a certified overcomer of the very issues that she serves and supports other women in today. From attempted suicide, teen pregnancy, emotional and physical abuse, toxic relationships, bankruptcy, and the death of her mother when she was only 13 years old, Aprill’s resilience, determination & life experience allow her to serve others in a way uncommon to most transformational leaders.

Tune in to hear why Aprill says "I AM my client. I AM the women I serve". Aprill's powerful story of releasing trauma, facing her own toxicity, setting “strong boundaries” and challenging generational curses to become the best version of herself and ... LISTEN HERE

April 28, 2021

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