testimonial_1“I came across Aprill’s Facebook page a few months ago as I was searching for some female motivation to get fit. I had been going to a trainer for months and saw results, but the trainer didn’t educate me on healthy eating and wasn’t very patient in our workouts. I tried other Instagram and Facebook famous virtual trainers, but the focus was not on healthy eating and on exercises that seemed impossible. There was virtually no one on one contact as promised–so again, I walked away very discouraged.

 There was a huge difference with Aprill that I saw from the very beginning. She was immediately engaged in the process—educating me about eating clean, meal planning and workout planning. I had never been truly educated on the process of improvement. I was so impressed that her focus is not only helping her clients lose weight/fat, but also helping that person change the WHOLE THEM—from organizing your home, getting your kids in order, etc. No one has EVER had me look in the “mirror” at the WHOLE me. Aprill showed me that once you get all the ‘other stuff’ in order, then you can focus on your ‘fit-me’ goals.

 I know I haven’t been the most compliant client, and Aprill is not afraid to let me know that. She never talks down to me—I always walk away from our conversations uplifted, BUT she does not take excuses (and trust me, I had plenty of them). She helps me to see that I have the power within me to DO THIS. I have a lot of goals in my head, but Aprill has helped me see the potential within myself to make my goals reality.

 I am so glad that God has placed her in my life. Aprill is a TRUE motivation to any woman looking to improve the WHOLE HER. I just don’t know what I would do without her!”



“Before I met Aprill I tried all types of diets-Atkins, cabbage soup, 3 day boot camp, and I have had the gastric bypass. I’ve lost weight with them all, and I’ve gained the weight back also. Going through this yo-yo dieting has taken an emotional toll on my self-esteem. I was mentally and physically tired of dieting. It seemed like nothing was working-eating right, working out, getting help from a personal trainer, and from family that are in the weight loss industry. I had started to lose all hope, because nothing was working for me.
Then one day about 2 months ago I was on Facebook and I saw Aprill. It wasn’t an advertisement. It was just her talking about herself. What she was talking about touched me. Aprill has a 12 week program that I wanted to sign up for. This program was different. It wasn’t just a sign up online program and she sends out different information to help you. She actually called me on the phone and talked to me for an hour. Aprill took the time to actually get to know me–the real me. Aprill asked me one very simple question–Who am I? I started to tell her I’m a wife, a mother, a business owner etc. She said no, WHO are you? Not what are you, but who are you? That one question changed everything for me.
In the beginning of my program Aprill didn’t ask me to eat this kind of food, drink this kind of drink. The program started off with me connecting with myself, getting to know myself, taking care of myself and loving myself. Doing this has made a huge difference in my lifestyle change–not weight loss-but MY lifestyle change.
I’m proud to say that food no longer controls me. I’m learning what my triggers are [causing me] wanting to eat. For example, when I’m exhausted I want to eat more to get that full and comfort feeling to go to sleep or wanting to eat more because of a stressful issue with my business. With Aprill’s help I’ve learned to go ahead and address each issue head on.
Making these little changes in my life have lead me to take better care of myself. With Aprill’s help I’m better today. I’m happier. I’m eating healthier. I’m exercising more. I’m losing weight, and I’m learning Who I Am. Thank you Aprill.”


unnamed“Before meeting Aprill I had absolutely NO confidence or self-worth. I never looked in a mirror, because I despised myself so much that I couldn’t bare to look at myself. I avoided leaving my house other than to go to work or if I was finally forced out by a friend or my fiancé. I refused to meet my fiancés family and friends other than his parents for at least 4 years. I wouldn’t shop for clothes unless I absolutely had to, and it was a terrible experience every time. I was taking pain medication just so I didn’t have to feel anything. I wanted to be numb. I was borderline diabetic, my cholesterol was getting close to being high, simple tasks left me breathing hard. No joke I was waking up anywhere between 15 and 23 times a night EVERY night. So, not only was I tired from being overweight but I was not getting any sleep. I was taking all kinds of different medication to help me sleep (none worked). I felt like a failure, like I could never truly experience happiness. I was pushing my fiancé away, I was bitter, depressed, angry, and I was self-destructing. 

I have struggled with my weight from the time I can remember. I have taken every pill, tried every 2AM infomercial, shots, starvation, low carb, low cal, and the list goes on. I am from a small town where most of the people are overweight, so while it bothered me, it wasn’t really a big deal. I moved to Springfield IL in 2010 and I noticed a big physical difference in the people. I knew I needed to change but I wasn’t “ready”. I settled in and became very successful in my career, and in Springfield you can throw a rock in any direction and you are going to hit a restaurant/fast food joint. So, within a couple years I had made my way to over 300 pounds. I remember leaving my first weigh in with Aprill and sitting in my car crying (but I still wasn’t “ready”). I had been training my body with Aprill but not my mind. It wasn’t until I shared what I was battling inside and Aprill helped me work through it, that I became “ready”.

Aprill’s program has change my life and I know that sounds so cliché, but it is the truth. I am now down almost 50lbs, I am learning how to live a healthy lifestyle and not just diet. Her positivity and strength is contagious. You can’t be around her and not want to become better inside and out. I walk with my head high now. Before I would look at the ground to avoid eye contact. She is helping me build confidence, self-worth, and she is helping me realize that I am deserving.

Aprill is what makes her programs different!! She has been there, she has experienced the struggle. She understands that it is not all about putting healthy food in the house and working out 5 times a week. 

As I stated I am down almost 50lbs, I didn’t cross that line and become diabetic, and my cholesterol has leveled out. I am excelling with my new position now that I am 50lbs lighter because I am gaining confidence in myself. My relationship with my fiancé is improving. I am stressing less because I am working out more. I am breaking the cycle of obesity in my family!!  Aprill’s faith in my success, from day one has been pivotal. She has seen in me what I never knew was there.”

~~Alicia Roberts

testimonial_2“My life took a turn for the worse in 2010 when I lost my sister June 12, 2010 then quickly following my mother passed away a month later. In my mind this was the beginning of what I now can identify as a deep depression. My sister was my strength she always reminded me the importance of eating healthy and staying fit, when I lost her I lost my want for happiness. Instead of eating when I was hungry I began eating when I thought of her, honestly I feel it was my way of getting back at her for leaving me. One day while strolling through fb I noticed a picture of Aprill, crazy as it sounds it wasn’t how good and healthy she looked that caught my attention it was the happiness that shined from her face. That’s when it hit me that’s what my life was missing I was unhappy with so many things within my life. It was time to make a change. I reached out to Aprill and asked her to help me find the happy me that use to exist. Without a second thought she jumped in head first encouraging me to fight against my grief and began focusing on me. Each week we went over food journals, water intake, workout plans etc. but what I liked most is she allowed me to find what worked for me. April would tell me just give me a month and your results will make you want to continue. To my surprise I lost 15 pounds in the first 2 weeks. With each week I lost more weight. Finally that smile I had lost resurfaced and I began looking forward to my daily text from Aprill encouraging me to push through my cravings. I can’t thank Aprill enough for stepping into my life and giving me the strength I thought died with my sister. Thanks to Aprill and her dedication to helping me find my happiness, 3 months later, I’m down over 30 pounds and happy to say I will continue my fight with Aprill as my coach I can’t lose.”

~~Sharon Williams

testimonial_3“I chose Aprill as my Lose Big Coach because she came highly recommended by two co-workers. I am so glad I did. The first week of Lose Big I exercised HARD – doing twice a day classes and kept my calories under 1,500 a day, no alcohol, no fast food, no candy, kept a food diary..….. I only lost a half a pound that week. Half a pound?? Are you kidding me?! Aprill said something like  “I am going to look at your macros. I am betting your macros are off. Don’t give up. I am going to help you figure it out.”   I immediately went home, feeling defeated, and researched counting macros, clean eating, stuff like that. I had been throwing my body into starvation mode and not eating enough to lose weight!  Say what? You mean I should be eating MORE to LOSE weight? Sounds crazy….. It all seemed to conflict with my way of thinking and how I had been trained by society to think about weight loss and healthy eating. I confirmed with Aprill with my findings and if I was doing the calculation correctly. Aprill encouraged me again to not give up. The next week I exercised just as hard, tweaked my food, upped my calories, increased my protein, and it worked. I dropped FOUR pounds that week. Aprill KNOWS her stuff.   I have continued to keep a food diary, track my macros, and backed off to only once a day workouts. Since January 5, 2015 I have lost 21 pounds, over 18 inches, and dropped 6% in body fat. Thank you, Aprill, for encouraging me, inspiring me, and teaching me and kicking my butt on a weekly basis – it’s working!!

~~Gabrielle Fisher