April 28, 2021

Why Did You Do It?

I was asked, “Why did you create Because She Matters?” I absolutely love that question. In fact, ever since I got asked it a few weeks ago, that thought continues to come to my mind. I wanted to expand upon it to help you understand how I serve and support women and why this work is so necessary. This is not some sales pitch. This will indeed resonate with many women, especially those who need the reminder that yes, we matter.

Foremost, the reason I created Because She Matters is very personal. And what I mean is that the business itself was derived for a very personal reason. In fact, when I heard someone read my bio the other day, as they were reading it, I was like, “Oh, that bio really spoke to me.”

And you know why it spoke to me?

Because I am my client. My business started because of me; because of the issues and challenges that I faced. But as I began to serve other women—first as a personal trainer, as a nutrition specialist, and then as a life and success coach—I recognized that most women are just like me. Our skin color maybe a little bit different. You may have one kid, while I have two kids. Maybe you work at home and I work in the office. Whatever it is, we are different. Yet, in many ways, we are all the same. So many of us have similar stories, similar challenges, similar situations. And as I worked with more and more women, I realized that I was hearing the same issues over and over again.

 I use this phrase, and I say it often: “We are sisters of the same struggles”.  We ARE sisters of the same struggles. But together we become sisters of the same successes. When I think about the ways that I impact lives, it's because of my willingness to share the struggle, create the conversation and show how to do the work to overcome so that we become sisters of the same successes. And if you have ever listened to me before, you’ve probably heard me talk about my greatest credential. I have degrees, I have all kinds of awards, all kinds of certifications, all kinds of professional experience.

 But what trumps that is that I am a certified overcomer of the same issues that I serve and support women in. My mother died when I was 13. I had brothers who were in and out of correctional institutions (PS. they are amazing humans today). And because of situations like that, I had to grow up quickly.

  • I was in emotional and physically abusive relationships.
  • I lost a Presidential scholarship to the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.
  • I filed for bankruptcy.

I dealt with so many things.

Because of those struggles and my ability to work through them, by the grace of God, I consider myself a certified overcomer. And I am continuing to overcome because we are more than human beings—we are humans becoming. I'm continuing to overcome as new things arise, new opportunities, and new levels. I'm continuing to do the work, and my willingness to share, to dig deep, to learn, and to educate allows me to be a great resource to support other women.

We're doing all these things...

We're wearing all these hats. When, on top of that, we pile on all the expectations from society, layers and layers get piled upon us. And then somewhere, somehow, over time, the person that we are at our core gets lost between all those other layers--all that stuff.

Eventually, we lose a lot.

  • We forget some of our hopes and dreams.
  • We forget to prioritize ourselves.
  • We forget to deal with hurts, disappointments, and trauma.

After a while, we look in the mirror, and the person we see doesn’t look like the superwoman protégé that society presents to us. 

  • We are overweight or unhealthy.
  • Maybe we don't like our job.
  • We want to start something new.
  • We don't have the confidence.
  • We have emotional trauma and drama that's been pent up inside of us.

And then there are these other women that we see..

They are living their lives boldly and confidently. In the meantime, we are sitting on the sidelines, in the shadows, watching. But, inside, we desire to step out. We want to believe that it's not too late. We want to believe this possible. But underneath all those layers and stuff we have going on, we don’t do it. Maybe we justify it with the fact that our life is good—good kids, good marriage, good job, good health insurance, and benefits—things like that. We justify staying in our comfort zone because all those layers make it seem too ambitious to achieve.

But I want women to remember that…

  • their dreams matter.
  • their health matters.
  • their finances matter.
  • their voice matters.
  • their life matters.

And that is what is at the core of Because She Matters. That's why I don't just serve women, helping them chase numbers on the scale, right? Because weight loss is often, especially if you are someone like me who's had ups and downs over the years, weight is often symbolic of other things in our lives. So, I don't want to play the numbers game. 

I love to educate women. I love to help women see what the root issue is. I want women to break through all this fluff and stuff so that they can really resolve the true issue. When you just treat the symptoms, the problem never goes away. It may lie dormant for a little while, but then it eventually erupts and becomes a thing again.

You can probably identify with this in some areas of your life. Again, I want to help you with the root issue. And that's why I say that I help women beyond the scale. I want to dig in and get all the emotional, mental, or physical baggage, and rip it off; destroy all the obstacles that keep you in that place.

That's why I created Because She Matters—because all of that does matter. 

We truly can be, do, or have anything we can think, dream, or imagine. I believe that. I don't have everything that I desire, but I believe that it's possible. And I'm willing to do the work and show up. But many of us aren't showing up to get the things we truly desire in life.  Instead, we are settling, staying safe in our comfort zone. That’s why I say I help women live their best, most bold, most intentional life.

Yeah, it's nice to have a good life. And we are going to have gratitude for all things. But I want you to live your best, most bold, most intentional life. Why? Because there are people whose futures are tied to yours. There are people whose lives are impacted by you stepping out and doing something. You never know the impact that you have if you will just do the work and allow others to learn and latch on to you in some way, shape, or form.   We all have a purpose. And if God's most important thing is His people, then he wants his people to value people. It takes us coming together to recognize we are sisters of the same struggles. We don't have to hide because we're all going through similar things. They may look a little different, but at the surface of it, many of us are struggling in similar ways.

When we come together, talk about it, dig in and do the work, we become sisters of the same successes. That’s the goal that I have for us—to move from the struggle to the success. But it only comes by being willing to do the work. Every line of copy is written to reflect your brand. We pay attention to your tone, voice, and brand guidelines so everything sounds like it’s going directly from your team to the page. More content for your business means more blog posts, product descriptions, social ads, and whatever your brand needs to sell more and scale fast. Consistent and quality content is a roadblock for a lot of businesses online, but with a North Star content plan, it won’t be a blocker for your growth.

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About the author

Aprill is a certified Success Coach and Transformation coach who specializes helping women lose physical, mental and emotional weight holding them back from living their best, most bold, most intententional life. .